Tax Repayments

We have extensive experience obtaining repayments of tax for our clients.  The types of tax rebates we obtain include CIS Tax for companies and the self employed and repayments of PAYE.


CIS - Self Employed


If you are registered for payment under deduction, the contractor takes tax off of your payments (currently 20 per cent) before they pay you and they must pay this over to HM Revenue & Customs.  You'll still need to pay tax and NICs on your payments later through your tax return, but any deductions that have already been made from your payments will be set against this bill.


Tax Rebate


Depending on your circumstances you may be due a tax rebate, Hawkins Foss obtained it's CIS clients an average rebate of over £1,000 for the 2015/16 tax year.


Our Fees


Where possible we are always happy to agree to collect our fees from your tax repayment meaning you do not need to make any up-front payments to us.